Our Partners:


Cadence: Cadence is a leading provider of EDA and semiconductor IP. Cadence’s custom/analog tools help engineers design the transistors, standard cells, and IP blocks that make up SoCs. The company’s digital tools automate the design and verification of giga-scale, giga-hertz SoCs at the latest semiconductor processing nodes. Our IC packaging and PCB tools permit the design of complete boards and subsystems.

Cadence also offers a growing portfolio of design IP and verification IP for memories, interface protocols, analog/mixed-signal components, and specialized processors. And reaching up to the systems level, Cadence offers an integrated suite of hardware/software co-development platforms. In short, Cadence technology helps customers build great products that connect the world.

SunEdison: SunEdison is a renowned global Solar power company, pioneer and global leader in solar electricity power systems. The comapny operates with many partner companies globally.

SunEdison knows the power of the sun and are committed to making its sustainable energy a significant part around the world’s and its energy future. The company continues to achieve that by providing customers with innovative solar energy solutions and proven financial savings while helping protect the environment too.

SunEdison hold the following core values:
  • Innovation in solar energy services by delivering more solar energy while helping protect the environment.
  • Relentless pursuit of the right tools, techniques, products and technologies that maximize the financial gains associated with photovoltaic solar electricity for our customers.
  • Environmental accountability, by staying committed to increasing zero-emission energy worldwide.
  • Integrity by maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.
  • Collaboration with partners and customers to deliver viable sustainable energy solutions. Collaboration across boundaries to make solar energy a significant part of the worldwide energy portfolio.

DSS: Brand Protection Solutions Protecting your website, products and consumers.

The AuthentiGuard Suite is comprised of three key components that work together to secure your brand.

The Mark: Developed from our patented Prism technology and printed onto your product during normal printing processes, the AuthentiGuard mark contains an embedded code that holds limitless amounts of information.

The Application: Customizable in functionality, look and feel, this application reads the Mark’s encrypted information, determines its authenticity and delivers alerts and information directly to the user.

The Portal: This online tool gives brand owners access to the real-time data collected from the Application reads as well as management access to their AuthentiGuard program.

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