HSC Examination Preparation

The Higher Secondary Certificate, also known as HSC, is a public examination taken by students of Intermediate college (Junior college) in Bangladesh. After 10 years of schooling at primary and secondary level, students (14+) who succeed in passing the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination have the option of joining a college for a two-year higher secondary education in their respective areas of specialization, or enrolling in technical or polytechnic institutes. After the two-year higher secondary education, one has to sit for another public examination called Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination conducted by the Education Boards to qualify for further education. The HSC are sub divided into three categories: Science, Commerce and Arts.

Students of religious also sit for their respective public examinations, Alim conducted by the Madrasah Education Board respectively to qualify for further education. Every year, HSC Exam starts from April in Bangladesh. HSC Exam Routine publishes 2 month ago before examination.To start click here...

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