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Iskool is an online based skill development system.Here we provide advanced level subject-wise content to prepare completely oneself like final examinee of SSC and HSC,University,Engineering and Medical Admission exam attending candidates, Government and semi-government job seeker and finally BCS examinee.
We are multi-level software service providing company. To make digital Bangladesh, we have taken some action in different section of local affairs. Already we have taken step to digitalize the education, transport, medical and law services. Among all these Digital Academy the e-learning system of our service. Here we have digital content on secondary, higher secondary and university admission test. For all these section, we have both important note on different subject and MCQ content according to subject wise. By these, examinee from a specific area can take full preparation on final exam. The examinee of admission test of different Engineering, Medical and general university can also make full preparation to attend the competitive exam. Here, we have paid and non-paid version of the system. Through non-paid version, user has limitation on accessing the content of all resource. After making paid subscription, user can move through all the area of feature of our services. There is also full feature free subscription system for the user, who will have great score at regular basis. User statistics will be analysis at a regular basis and necessary action will be taken on demand.
The effective uses of this site can be done by the following ways. &nbps; 1. Search Iskoolbd in your browser or search engine like Google. And go to http://www.iskoolbd.com/ website address.
2. Once you enter into the website, as a new user, you need to register first to access the full content of the website. From the navigation bar go to sign up menu. User>Sign Up. It will direct you to the register page.
3. In the following register page, give the necessary information to be registered. When you press the register button, it automatically sends an email with a confirmation link to your aforementioned email address what have you given in the field of email.
4. The email is like as following. By clicking in the link of the email, you will direct to login page. Now, your registration is completed. You can login to this website with your user id and password. The email is like as follows-
5. And the login page is-
6. After login, you will direct to a page containing different features. And from this page, select Click me for available feature.
7. Total available features like following screenshot will appear to you. From these features you can select one and go further.
8. Let someone selects Quiz test. And so another window will open to select subject and total number of questions.
9. After click on the Start Here Now button, Quiz will start and continues up to the time limit. Answering each question & clicking on next button it forwards to another question and goes on up to the last question answered. At last you can see the total right and wrong answers in in details.
10. You can also check your progress from this website.-
11. Payment: To have the full access of this eLearning site (www.iskoolbd.com), you have to register for membership monthly or yearly. There are some packages available now and some are coming soon.

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